Rwanda/Massa coffee

Massa Industries Ltd. (Canada), sources the best coffee from East African Countries, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya. All types Coffee Arabica bourbon beans and high Quality Robusta to serve a large different market of coffee in North America.

Those countries in East-Africa, some are located a few degrees south of the equator line, highly elevated, dominated by mountains and hills and its temperate to subtropical climate allows for agriculture that is ideal for growing delicious coffee. With a unique taste, flavour, and aroma. With altitudes between 1400-2200m on volcanic soil, which delivers beans with an amazing body, and high acidity on Arabica beans.

Massa Industries Ltd. (Canada) deals with reputable cooperatives, traders, around East Africa. That meets our requirements of high quality.

Our Arabica coffee beans

  • Fully washed
  • Full body
  • High acidity
  • Bourbon beans

All this combined creates powerful superior quality of coffee, which ends up in your cup.

East African coffees present great opportunities both locally and internationally.

Massa Inc. - Fair Trade Organic Coffee from Rwanda

Good coffee, starts in farms. Massa Industries Ltd. (Canada) ensures that the coffee has been grown in proper conditions, which is fundamental to its final taste, aroma and body of the green coffee bean.

The soil that the coffee is grown on to, and how the beans are picked and processed, all highly influences the final quality of coffee that is produced.

When the cherries are ready, the farmers harvest them and remove the skin, pulp and parchment. The picking and sorting is performed and screening may also be used to improve the separation between the ripe and unripe large or small cherries.

Once the coffee beans have been sorted they are processed by using both the wet or dry methods and eventually dried naturally before being packaged for shipment.

Women and men sorting beans together for the best quality


Massa Industries Ltd. (Canada) supports fair-trade/organic cooperatives who are certified and meet the international standards, especially those who have won in tasting and cupping competitions multiple times.

This allows us to create a good business model through dialogue, transparency, and respect for the greater equity. This brings sustainable development by offering better trading system to local coffee farmers, and heavily support producers in all levels.

Most of the cooperatives members are women, widows and sole income earners, so working together through cooperatives and fair-trade has brought them significant changes in their quality of life such as affordable food and clean water, medication, as well as education for their children.

Massa Industries Ltd.(Canada) has chosen to be part of this movement that changes people’s lives.

High Quality Fair Trade Coffee brought to you from Rwanda by Massa Inc.


We Think Green - Baby Coffee Tree
Rwanda’s location, altitude, climate and fertile soil naturally provides optimal conditions to grow high quality coffee.

Massa Industries Inc. (Canada) partners with farmers in cooperatives who practices organic farming methods and are certified as organic producers. A lot of the coffee preparation is done naturally such as harvesting, picking and drying. This natural processing system allows the preservation of the coffee flavour.

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